Transnational Capitalism Workshop, 27-28 May

2nd Graduate Student Workshop on Transnational Capitalism

Budapest, Central European University, 27-28 May, 2010



The workshop aims at fostering the exchange of expertise and provides a networking opportunity for PhD students and faculty working in the field of Political Economy. The first workshop was organised in May 2009 at EUI, Florence, and it brought together students and faculty from Central European University, Budapest, the European University Institute, Florence, and Max Planck Institute for Social Sciences, Köln. In view of the success of this event, we decided to continue the cooperation and turn the Graduate Student Workshop on Transnationalizing Capitalism into an annual event. This year, we extended the invitation also to the participants from London School of Economics and Political Science and University of Oxford.

The event deals with the issues of transnational capitalism, and the way it impacts the reconfiguration of strategies of the nation states, national institutions, local governments, workers and firms. The aim of the workshop is to offer various angles for exploring the processes, institutions, actors and outcomes of economic and political transnationalization.

You can find the preliminary programme for this year's workshop here. Below is the list of papers and participants:

Keynote speakers:

                           Sven Steinmo, EUI. Do Institutions Really Evolve? 

Achim Kemmerling, CEU. The End of Work or Work without End? Beliefs, Interests and Welfare State Reforms


Bob Hancke, LSE. Political Economy and Happiness




Angela Garcia Calvo, LSE. Building a Stairway to Heaven  

                                                                   Abstract     Paper       


Andrej Nosko, CEU.Threat Perception and Energy Security in CEE

                                                                   Abstract     Paper


Costanza Rodriguez D'Acri, LSE. Bridging the Divide: Firms and Institutional Variety in Italy

                                                                    Abstract     Paper


Gergö Medve-Bálint, CEU.The winners take it all? Hungary’s path of uneven regional


                                                                    Abstract     Paper


Ismail Emre Bayram, EUI. Politics of Consumer Finance: British and French Trajectories

                                                                    Abstract     Paper


Lucia Kurekova, CEU. Structural change and labor migration in Slovakia: A regional level analysis

                                                                     Abstract     Paper


                          Marek Naczyk, University of Oxford. Political Conflict and Regulatory Reform: Polish Pension Funds during the Financial Crisis

                                                                     Abstract    Paper


Sophia Seung-yoon Lee, University of Oxford. Welfare Production Regimes in Deindustrialising East Asian Economies   

                                                                     Abstract     Paper


Višnja Vukov, EUI. The rise of the competition state? Transnationalization and State policies in OECD and Eastern Europe

                                                                     Abstract      Paper


Zdenek Kudrna, CEU. Cross-Border Resolution of Failed Banks in the EU

                                                                      Abstract     Paper




Bela Greskovits, CEU

Thilo Bodenstein, CEU

Thomas Fetzer, CEU