Collaborative Research Projects

Toward Employment-friendly Welfare State - research project by RECWOWE, a European research network on questions of work and welfare in Europe.

GUSTO - Governance of Uncertainty - a collaborative research project on addressing the challenges of economic uncertainty and sustainability through employment, industrial relations, social and environmental policies in European countries, funded by the European Commission FP7 programme.

ICaTSEM - a collaborative research project aiming to analyse, within a comparative institutionalist analytical framework, the trajectories of socio-economic development models in Europe. Funded by the European Commission FP7 programme.


Networks and Workshops

Annual Political Economy Doctoral Workshop, annual workshop which has previously gathered PhD students from EUI, Corvinus University, LSE, University of Cambridge, Mannheim University, University of Oxford to present papers and discuss latest topics in comparative political economy.

Transnational Capitalism Workshop series, with participants from LSE, EUI, Max Planck Institute and University of Oxford.

European Doctoral Workshop in Industrial Relations series, with participants from Central European University, IAAEG at the University of Trier, London School of Economics, University of Amsterdam, University of Milan, Warwick Business School

Synergizing Political Economy in Central Europe, with participants from Corvinus University, University of Debrecen, Comenius University, Slovak Academy of Sciences, CERGE-EI, Charles University Prague, Cracow University of Economics, Jagiellonian University, and Belgrade University, planned for Spring 2011


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