New article from PERG alumna Lucia Kureková in East European Politics & Societies

Lucia Kureková's article titled "Success against All Odds? Determinants of Sectoral Rise and Decline in Central Europe" appeared in the August 2012 issue of East European Politics & Societies.

PERG congratulates Lucia and wishes her further energy for fruitful research!

New book by PERG Faculty D. Bohle and B. Greskovits!

The fall of Soviet Union over 20 years ago ushered in new political and economic ideologies and institutions to its former states, places where “many scholars doubted that the seeds of capitalist democracy would ever take root,” said CEU Professor of International Relations and European Studies Bela Greskovits.

Another PERG defence: Congratulations Tibor!


After Lucia, Magda and Zdenek, PERG congratulates another member who successfully defended his PhD - Tibor Meszman, whose thesis was entitled "Strategic Choices during System Change: Peak Level Unions and Their Struggles for Political Relevance In Post-Socialist Slovenia, Serbia and Poland". Congratulations, Tibor!

Another PERG member defends! Congrats Zdenek!


After Lucia and Magda, Zdenek Kudrna successfully defended his PhD on "Delegating Contested Reforms of EU Financial Market Regulation". PERG warmly congratulates Zdenek!

SPER-CEE Workshop

SPER-CEE Workshop starts on Monday, May 30, bringing together PhD students and faculty from the most recognised universities in the region. All are welcome! For more details about the workshop, please visit


PERG meeting - First year PhDs present updated prospectus drafts

The PERG meeting this week has been moved to Thursday at 3pm in Nador u. 11, Room 004. Daniel, Katalin, and Lela will present the updated version of the draft propectus.

PERG defence! Congratulations Magda!

After Lucia's dazzling defence two months ago, we have another PERG PhD - Magdalena Bernaciak defended very successfuly her PhD on transnational labour cooperation. Congratulations, Magda!

PERG meeting: Presentations of first year PhD prospectuses

Zbigniew, Matthew, and Blagoy will present revised versions of their draft prospectuses. Join us to give a last round of feedback before the defence!

PERG meeting - Populism, Neoliberalism and the Welfare State: Why Latin America Produces Cycles Instead of Stability

Presenter: Achim Kemmerling

Populism, Neoliberalism and the Welfare State: Why Latin America Produces Cycles Instead of Stability

Comments: Thilo Bodenstein


May 9 2011, 17:00

Nador utca 11, Room 004

POLBERG-PERG Joint Seminar: Economic Voting in the Slovak Republic and the Political Right Wing

On Friday, May 6, Stefan Domonkos will present his paper on 'Economic Voting in the Slovak Republic and the Political Right-Wing'.

The presentation will start at 1:30 in FT 908.