Call for Proposals: Doctoral Workshop on Political Economy, April 25th (CEU, Budapest)

We are pleased to invite applications for the next annual Political Economy Workshop in Budapest, Hungary, April 25, 2014. Discussion panels will be organized according to accepted proposals and will be chaired by established scholars and advanced doctoral students. The workshop will take place in parallel with the Annual Doctoral Conference of CEU’s Doctoral School of Political Science, Public Policy, and International Relations. As such, there will be plenty of opportunity for exchange with students and scholars from your own and related fields.

Europe and the Challenge of Early Retirement

by Alexandru Moise (2nd year MA student, Political Science)

Ankel Hassel gives PERG guest lecture on Germany´s export dependency and the future of the Eurozone

  The European sovereign debt crisis has exposed deep structural disparities in the economically and politically fragile Eurozone. While states on its periphery -but also a number of core states- are struggling, Europe’s leading economy, Germany, has been thriving. Low wages, limp domestic demand and a large current account surplus are widely regarded as major ingredients of Germany’s success. At the same time, these ingredients are seen as a stumbling block to the recovery of other European economies.

PERG research fellow Aaron Pitluck gave presentation at the New York Stock Exchange and published in top social science journal

Upon completing his postdoctoral fellowship at PERG and at the Political Science Department, Aaron Pitluck gave a paper presentation at the New York Stock Exchange. This is the same paper we also discussed at a PERG seminar in October 2012 and it is based on the research Aaron conducted among brokers and portfolio managers in Malaysia. A version of this paper just appeared in Socio-Economic Review, a high-ranking social science journal. PERG congratulates Aaron and is proud that it could contribute to these successes.

PERG founders' book receives Stein Rokkan Prize for Comparative Social Science Research

PERG is proud of its founding members, Dorothee Bohle and Bela Greskovits, who were awarded Stein Rokkan Prize for Comparative Social Science Research for their book Capitalist Diversity on Europe’s Periphery. This prize, named after the pathbreaking Norwegian comparativist Stein Rokkan, is awarded to the authors of a single book-length corpus of scholarly work that made a "very substantial and original contributions in comparative social science research".

PERG member Carl Nordlund wins best paper award from the American Sociological Association

Carl Nordlund (a member of PERG and a post-doctoral research fellow at the Center for Network Science) has won a best paper award at the recent conference at the University of California-Riverside, co-hosted by the World Soci

Doctoral Student paper submission to the SASE 2013 Annual Conference Wins Awards Committee Prize

A paper submitted by Doctoral student Imre Gergely Szabo to the Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics (SASE) Annual Conference in Milan, 27-29 June 2013, has been selected for the Awards Committee Prize as an outstanding submission.

New book by faculty chair of PERG, Thomas Fetzer on "Paradoxes of Internationalization: British and German Trade Unions at Ford and General Motors 1967-2000"

“Paradoxes of Internationalization: British and German Trade Unions at Ford and General Motors, 1967-2000” has just been published by Manchester University Press (Critical Labour Movement Studies Series). The author is professor Thomas Fetzer, a long-time member and currently the faculty chair of PERG. The book makes a great contribution to the debate on how globalization shapes labour politics, by exploring British and German trade union responses to the internationalization of corporate structures at Ford and General Motors.

PERG members publish in the Journal of European Public Policy

Article from PERG members Anil Duman and Lucia Kureková on "The role of state in development of socio-economic models in Hungary and Slovakia: the case of industrial policy" has recently been published by the Journal of European Public Policy.

PERG congratulates Anil and Lucia!


PERG members contribute to public debate on European governance

Recently, two members of PERG shared their opinion on issues of European policy and politics at the LSE's renowned EUROPP blog.

Achim Kemmerling wrote on the political determinants of EU structural fund allocation: