PERG seminar Tuesday 24/3: presentations by Evelyne and Bastian

Next week at PERG research seminar

Nador 9, Faculty Tower #208, 11.00-12.40


"Fiscal Consolidation Under Electoral Risk"

Next PERG seminar 10/3: MA thesis draft presentation by Akos Mate and Patrik Korda

Tuesday 10/3, 11.00-12.40, Zrinyi utca 14, #411 we will continue presentation of MA thesis drafts. Next week the following MA students will present their work:

AKOS MATE (MA student, Dept. of International Relations):  "Soft solutions for hard problems - Social policy in Eastern Europe"

Discussant: Imre Szabo (PhD Candidate, Political Economy)

PERG guest lecture summary, by Political Science MA student Veronika Vighova

"Goodbye to the Welfare State? The Social Policy of the Orbán Government in Hungary between 2010 and 2014."

PERG research seminar 17/2: "Early education: impacts by socio-economic background A cross-country analysis" - by Anita Halász

Early education: impacts by socio-economic background
A cross-country analysis


Anita Halász

(Department of Public Policy, Central European University)

Supervisor: Martin Kahanec, Panel members: Violetta Zentai, Gábor Kézdi

February 2015

Zrinyi utca 14 #411, 11.00-12.40 

DANIEL STEGMUELLER workshop and lecture postponed to 10.-12. MAY 2015

Summary PERG guest lecture: Patient Charges and Health Care Governance in CEE

Professor Wim Groot visited the research group and held an intriguing lecture on the health care governance in CEE countries. Below is a summary of the lecture and dicussion, as well as the power point slides by Wim.

Summary by Alex Moise