Alternative PERG

Alternative PERG

Apart from being awesome, fearsome and dedicated researchers, PERG members are also good friends, and in

     order to counterbalance the serious business that PERG is most of the time, we have set up the


                          Alternative PERG

                            (Popular Ethnography and Recreation Group)

      with the aim of taking our research to another level (quite literally) above and below the  usual CEE ground.


     Here’s the sample of some already completed research projects.


Summer 2011 Tatry-Macau Lenin International Cup 

Research Outcome


Fall semester 2010

Project title: Pál-völgyi barlang                

Abstract: Outdoors fun on a rainy day! Got to know the Buda hills INSIDE OUT


Research outcome






Summer University Vysoke Tatry

July 2009


Abstract: Three days of pure mountain air, dazzling views, blueberries and very scary rocks


Research outcome









Spring semester 2009   


Project Title: Hike to the Pilis Mountain  

Abstract: HEV to Pomaz then bus to Dobogoko then hike to Pilis via Predikaloszek (excellent view on the Danube bend) and all the way down to a little kocsma in Domos...


Research outcome