Academic year 2010/2011

2010/2011 academic year

Sara Svensson, Gergo Medve-Balint. Why local governments join or do not join Euroregions? 21.09.2010.


Andrej Nosko. Conceptualization and Development of Level of Energy Security in CEE. 28.09.2010


Sebastian Popa. The Relation Between Left Wing Governments and Strike Rates: Comparison Between Hungary and Romania, 1990-2004. 05.10.2010


Lela Rekhviashvili. Limits of Civil Society: Response to the Needs of Internally Displaced Persons in Georgia after the War of 2008 (excerpts from MA thesis). 05.10.2010


PERG Launch Lecture: Herman Schwartz, The Global Financial Crisis: Origins, Responses, Prognosis. 14.10.2010

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PERG Lecture: Klaus Zimmerman, Ethnic Diversity in European Labour Markets: Challenges and Solutions. 22.10.2010

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Matt Cape. Labour Regulation in Global Suppy Chains. 26.10.2010


Christophe Heintz. Behavioural Economics and Politics. 02.11.2010


Anil Duman, Kristin Nickel Makszin, Gergo Medve-Balint. Labour Market Institutions, Policies and Performance in New EU Member States. 09.11.2010


Matthew Cape, Katalin Varga, and Zbigniew Truchlewski, presentations of first ideas on PhD research projects. 16.11.2010


Blagoy Kitanov, Daria Ganina, and Lela Rekhviashvili, presentations of first ideas on PhD research projects. 23.11.2010


PERG Lecture: Don Kalb. Financialised Capitalism Soviet Style? Varieties of State Capture and Crisis. 24.11.2010


PERG Lecture (co-organised with CPS): Roderick Martin. Constructing Capitalisms. Transforming Business Systems in Central and Eastern Europe. 30.11.2010.

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PERG Lecture (co-organised with IRES): Zhou Hong and Chen Xi. China-EU Relations in the Financial Crisis. 01.12.2010.

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PERG Lecture: Richard Hyman. Trade Unions, Politics and Parties - Is a New Configuration Possible? 09.12.2010.


Zdenek Kudrna. Governing EU Financial Markets: Transaction Cost Approach. 14.01.2011


Open seminar: Andrew Ryder. The Gypsy Traveller Economy: Exclusion, Social Capital, Entrepreneurialism and Social Enterprise. 17.01.2011


Vera Asenova. Hierarchy in regional economic cooperation: Bulgaria in the German and Soviet spheres of influence 1933-1956. 07.02.2011


PERG Public Lecture: Uwe Becker. Mapping Changing Varieties of Capitalism in Emerging Economies. 28.02.2011

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Martin Kahanec. Exploring the Causal Impact of Unemployment Benefits Spending on Immigration: Evidence from the EU. 07.03.2011


Vera Scepanovic. Employment relations and the (re)production of workforce skills in automobile industry in Central and Eastern Europe. 17.03.2011


Zoltan Pogatsa. Still an Iron Curtain: Competitiveness and Responses to the Global Economic Crisis in Central and Eastern Europe. 21.03.2011


Andrej Nosko. Working with messy information - what scholars can lear from activists. 28.03.2011.