Academic year 2009/2010

Academic year 2009/2010


Opening lecture: Bela Greskovits: Varieties of Capitalism and Capitalism Tout Court (in collaboration with Dorothee Bohle) Paper prepared for European Sociological Review

Lucia Kurekova: From Job Search To Skill Search: Structural Change and Labour Migration in CEE

Andrej Nosko: Coping with Energy Security in Central Europe 28.10.2009

Mariña Couceiro López: Different approaches to the social reform in Central and Eastern Europe: an introduction to regional variations in the EU8  04.11.2009

Magdalena Bernaciak and Vera Scepanovic: Same Output, Different Challenges: Political Economy of Automobile Industry in Eastern and Western Europe 11.11.2009

Andrew Cartwrigth, Sara Swensson, Gergo Medve Balint: Land f/or Pension: Choices of Elderly Landowners in Hungary and Implications for Land Consolidation and Rural Development 18.11.2009

Ugo Pagano: Evolution, Complentarities and Institutions 25.11.2009

Public Lecture: Miroslav Beblavy: Social spending, inequality and poverty int he new member states - does size matter? 02.12.2009

Public Lecture: Luca Fantacci: Back to which Bretton Woods? Liquidity and clearing as alternative principles for reforming international finance. 07.12.2009

Kristin Nickel Makszin: Measuring change in Central and Eastern European welfare states: Generosity, coverage, and equality of unemployment benefits in Czech Republic and Hungary. 16.12.2009

Anil Duman: Wage Inequality and Trade Unions in Hungary. 08.12.2010

Thomas Fetzer: Economic Nationalism and Industrial Relations: British and German Trade Unions at Ford (1967-2000). 14.01.2010

Paper Discussion: Andreas Noelke and Arjan Vliegenthart: Enlarging the Varieties of Capitalism:The Emergence of Dependent Market Economies in East Central Europe and Ben Ross Schneider: Hierarchical market economies and varieties of capitalism in Latin America. 21.01.2010.

Book Discussion: Wolfgang Streeck: Re-Forming Capitalism. Institutional Change in the German Political Economy. 04.02.2010

Zdenek Kudrna: Financial Market Regulation: A "Lamfalyssy exit" from the joint-decision trap. 11.02.2010.

Vytautas Kuokstis: Political Economy of Crisis in the New EU Member States (research note). 25.02.2010

Tatiana Karabchuk: Wage Gap Between Standard and Non-Standard Forms of Employment in Russia. 04.03.2010

Graduate Network Conference, Barcelona, March 18-20 2010

Public Lecture: Roman Frydman: Financial Markets and the State. Long Swings, Risk, and Scope of Regulation. 01.04.2010

CEU Annual Doctoral Conference, Budapest, April 6-7 2010

Achim Kemmerling: How Labour Ended Up Taxing Itself: The Long-term Evolution of Labour Taxation in Germany. 15.04.2010

Renata Kralikova: Comparative Study of the Role of National Actors in Romania, Lithuania and Slovakia in Transposition of the International Model of Higher Education Governance. (prospectus presentation) 29.04.2010

Sanja Tepavcevic: Spontaneity or Strategy? Trends and Patterns of Russian FDI outflows. 20.05.2010

2nd Transnational Capitalism Workshop, Budapest, May 27-28 2010