September 26

Imre Szabo, 'Welfare States and Industrial Relations in the public sector in Hungary'


Renira Angeles, 'Political Connectedness of Board Members and CEO Wage Setting in Norwegian SOEs'


October 3

Zdenek Kudrna, thesis: 'Delegating Financial Regulation in the EU'

October 13

Niamh Hardiman Official Launch Lecture

October 24

Lela Rekhviashvili The Political Economy of coping strategies of IDPs in Georgia

November 1

No lecture (All Saints Day)

November 7

Alternative Event: George Soros, 'Reflexivity at work in the EU'

November 14

Imre Szabo and Marta Kahancova, 'Acting private without being private: Hospital corporatisation and governance of employment conditions in Hungary and Slovakia'

November 21

Renira Angeles and Imre Szabo PhD prospecti presentations (1st draft)

November 29th

Shane Branon and Sanja Hajdinjak prospecti first draft

December 5

Joint DISC-PERG Lecture Igor Guardiancich 'The Uncertain Future of Slovenian Exceptionalism'


January 9 Sanja Tepavcevic, 'From Geopolitics to Geoeconomics: the Emergence of Russian TNCs in the Context of Post-Soviet Transformation'

January 16

Zsofi Barta, EUI, public Lecture: 'Rating Agencies'

January 23

Lucia Kurekova, 'Slovak Governance Institute Being and becoming low-skilled: 'A comprehensive approach to studying the low-skilled'

January 30

Jose Fernandez-Albertos, Institute for Public Goods and Policies (CSIC), Public Lecture: 'Economic Crisis, Blame and Policy Preferences Evidence from a Survey Experiment'

February 13

Gergo Medve-Balint, CEU, 'The comparison of the developmental trajectories of the regions of Heves and Nógrád after the change of regime'

February 20

Evelyne Huebscher, CEU, 'Globalization and the Dilemma of Traditional Parties'

February 27

Aaron Pitluck, 'CEU Does Islamic finance elude financialization and exploitation? Or is it merely a marketing ploy?'

March 5

Timea Pal, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 'Production Goes Global, Standards Stay Local: Private Labor Regulation in the Global Electronics Industry'

March 12

David L. Brown, Cornell University, Public Lecture 'How "Mobilities" are Restructuring the Rural-Urban Periphery'

March 19

No lecture: Comprehensive exams

March 26

GRADNET CONFERENCE (Berlin) Achim Kemmerling, Zbigniew Truchlewski and Sanja Tepavcevic


April 23

No lecture: Annual Doctoral Conference

April 30

Carl Nordlund, CEU, 'Going with the grain – a longitudinal study of international trade in wheat, 1993-2010'

May 7

Pepper D. Culpepper, EUI, Public Lecture: 'Quiet Politics and Business Power'

May 14

Waltraud Schelkle, LSE and Deborah Mabbett, Birkbeck London, Closing Lecture: 'Hegemony without stability: the fiscal and political vulnerabilities of Monetary Union'

May 21

Sanja Hajdinjak and Imre Szabo Prospectus presentations (2nd draft)

June 18

Prospecti Defense

June 25